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Sun, May. 15th, 2005, 05:21 am
The Studio

I'm currently located at The Official Journal and the Studio ModZine at Modblog, which is where I'm hosting some very exciting projects; two of which consist of the popular interviews, and studio-sessions.

I should be back to update my journal here at Live Journal shortly, and I may even spill the beans on my self whenever possible. I also tend to poetically ramble about subjects with no relevance to any anything in particular. I never mention current affairs or politics, but tend to linger in a world where I'm constantly creating something, if not interesting.

You are welcome to add me to your friend's list. I'll be updating some of the things that are happening over there here.

Thu, Sep. 2nd, 2004, 12:24 pm
Movie-Corpses Are Forever-

I've been receiving a high amount of email from the many production companies and independent film studios out there. I was recently greeted with a "thank you" letter from a production company I met at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City UT. That's where I ran into a few of the guys from Sony Pictures and the crew who were working on the movie Resident Evil Apocalypse. And today I received an email concerning the press release to this new and high-octane Zombie flick Corpses Are Forever by C-47 Pictures, which I personally liked.

Hey Elygian,

I loved your site, so I thought I should drop you a line to let you know that my new 35mm feature, CORPSES ARE FOREVER, the first-ever zombie/spy thriller, is now available in BLOCKBUSTER and HOLLYWOOD VIDEO stores.

I have a great cast, like Debbie Rochon, Brinke Stevens, and Linnea Quigley, Felissa Rose, and even Richard Lynch in CORPSES ARE FOREVER. I would really like for you guys to check out the movie and give it a review on your site.

You can check out my website for more info: Corpses Are Forever

Thanks and take care.

Jose Prendes

By Mike Watt

2003, Un-rated, 90 Minutes, C-47 Pictures

(Read the full article here by Film Threat)

Sat, Mar. 27th, 2004, 05:26 am
Unto The Beyond

Unto The Beyond

At times I feel like I'm airing through the cornfields of a carnival at night. Caught in a gold incrusted circus, where everything is a false representation of what it never was. People such as: The Wicked Clown, The Town's Crier, Lady Amelia, and The Digital Alchemist; are all representations to the purveyors of wildwood-wizardry, where their eyes are a silver stone, and the breaths of the many are held on the cold sclera of their eyes for what wonders may come. And from out the wielding hand there comes art, which is the realization of what exists. For that--which subsists, is never complete and is never the entire truth, and all the world is but a suggestion with a million questions.

Fri, Feb. 27th, 2004, 04:31 am


This is perhaps the 50th time that I’ve watched the movie Blade Runner starring Harrison Ford and Rutger Hauer. The scenery is absolutely captivating and the plot astonishing. The story by P.K. Dick Do Androids dream of Electric sheep? was a story written to transcend all time.

Although--I came to a realization. In life Philip K. Dick was a man who believed in what they called time displacement; it was a form of knowing that time is a continuation of past events. He had come to the realization that every year, decade, and eon is in a constant parallel with the present. After one of his many stories came true in a midnight gas station, he wondered weather or not there was a present day or not. He asked himself “Are we living in 50 BC, within the biblical tale of Exodus, or is Exodus repeating its self?”

There was another notion he had conjured, which involved the creation of the bible and the following question “why does man perpetually seek enlightenment, when it has been said that man himself is divine?” There are exactly 45 religions in England and countless religions, orders, and sects throughout the world that would answer that question with the utmost truth. Of course it would only be their truth, spoken with conviction. And there would still be no answer, only theological banter and biblical passages that have stood the test of their memory’s time.

Tue, Feb. 17th, 2004, 07:57 am


I was practically dragged to an indoor expo the other day. I sat on the floor and watched the people go about their apparent bliss, I watched them buy from the vendors. Although I felt like I was somewhere in Germany. As I recall the moment felt like Stuttgart Germany in 1992.

As the doors to the auditorium were slammed against a brick wall, I came to the realization of the book The Necronomicon and how this particular site is holding a contest for the best in the lot.

"That's funny" I thought, I can see the world of the underground tediously writing in a 17th century script. Scribbling in the old tongue, near burning wick and dragon scented smoke. I can see charcoal eyes tearing to yellow beside a shimmering flame.

In their eyes the world is a place where time is irrelevant. They say "Eternity is a process of the past shifting into millions of outcomes that collide in the infinite. The infinite ceases to be, because it had never achieved eternity. Eternity shifts between the past and the present infinity. "Well how could that be?" I told my self.

Within eternity there is death. Hence, death is the god of, dread, despair, astral pain, peace, and eternity. And between the throes of the past and the future, there is death. In the end--this simple wraith is the embodiment of what the living world perceives as death.